Captivating Capiz (

(Here are excerpts from my article “Captivating Capiz,” which was published in last October 15, 2010)

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Capiz is aswang—the infamous mythical creature of Philippine folklore. Aswang is the general term for creatures such as the kapre (a giant troll that lives on trees and smokes cigars), the tikbalang (half-man and half-horse), and the shape-shifter (person who transforms into an animal), among others. Capiz, along with its neighboring provinces like Dingras in Iloilo, are somehow known for being home to such creatures.

Funny though, I’ve been going there yearly ever since I was a baby and I haven’t seen a single aswang. Although I must confess, I’ve heard a lot of scary stories from the local folk but those are all hearsay. Being my mom’s province, I get to travel there every year but I never had any sightings, which makes me wonder why people still have that impression of Capiz. Instead of being preoccupied with such folklore, I make sure that I enjoy my trip to our province by feeling like a tourist even if I go there regularly.

Here’s a list of my top experiences in Capiz:

Captivating Capiz
Sunset in the Baybay

Have a feast at the Baybay

Just a five-minute drive from the Roxas City airport is the Baybay (local term for beach) where one can hangout along the shore, eat by the beach, or swim in its calm waters. It’s especially nice to enjoy eating the freshest seafood while feeling the cool air and refreshing breeze on your face.

You can never go wrong with ordering a seafood dish whether it be buttered shrimps, squid adobo, fresh oysters, or grilled fish. Roxas is the seafood capital of the Philippines after all. Check out the numerous resorts and restaurants that line the shore.

Sample the food at RML Manokan Haus, which is just near the boardwalk. It’s a simple and very casual eatery that also specializes in inasal (grilled) chicken meals aside from seafood dishes.

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