Adventure Trip in CDO (

(This article was published in last September 29, 2010)

Local destinations have become very accessible with the frequency of flights, and not to mention the popularity of promo fares from local air carriers. Whenever possible, I would travel somewhere and indulge the wanderlust in me. My destination this time around—Cagayan de Oro, a paradise for those who simply crave for some adventure.

Before beginning my adventure trip, I had the chance to take a city tour, courtesy of my relatives from CDO—the Tamparongs. Since it was my first time there, they showed me around the old town and to the different places of interest. The nice thing about being toured by locals is that they know which places to take you and they have accompanying trivia about it.

Day 1: The Old Town and Divine Mercy Hills

The town church and plaza is always a nice start-off point whenever I visit a new place. We drove by the St. Agustine Cathedral, which is the main church in the area that has seen several restorations throughout the years.

Despite the changes, they were able to preserve the stained glass windows that are over a century old. These colorful windows depict different scenes from the life of Jesus. On a regular day, the church area could be quiet—perfect for a time of reflection and prayer. During Sundays, though, it’s a totally different scene. It exudes this fiesta vibe where you will see lots of churchgoers and sidewalk vendors peddling just about anything—from flowers to candles, plus popcorn and fruits.

From the cathedral, we headed to another religious shrine found in the Divine Mercy Hills, which took about thirty minutes drive time from the town proper. The main attraction there is the 50-foot Divine Mercy statue that was designed by multi-awarded artist Nicanor “Nick” Reyes.

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