A Taste of Mediterranean at Le Souk (ClicktheCity.com)

(This article was published in ClicktheCity.com last September 20, 2010)

I’ve noticed that Filipinos have developed this affinity for Mediterranean food—what with all the shawarma stalls sprouting up and the kebab-serving restaurants mushrooming here and there. Such restaurants have become the go-to place for those who were about to wind down from their night out, or those who were just simply craving for some garlic-flavored yogurt sauce-laden comfort food.

Le Souk is one of the newest ones that have popped up among the numerous eateries along Aguirre Ave. in BF Homes Parañaque. It’s not just a restaurant that offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine; it’s a restaurant that offers affordable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. The first thing I noticed when I was about to order was that there was nothing in the menu that is over 300 pesos! I decided to treat myself to a hearty dinner right there and then.

I happened to be with my former housemate from college, Rosan, who just gave birth to a cute baby boy. I haven’t seen her for quite a while so it was about time that we did some catching up over dinner. And so we did, as we feasted like there was no tomorrow.

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Le Souk menu: