The RawVolution-ary Road (

(This article was published in last September 7, 2010)

The extent of my raw food vocabulary runs from apples, bananas to carrot sticks, and I never experienced eating an entirely raw food meal until I went to RawVolution—Cheloy’s Living Food Cuisine. This unassuming restaurant mainly caters to the health conscious ones, as it only serves raw food and vegetarian dishes.

Before then, the only kind of raw food I would eat is fresh fruits and green salads. I never imagined that a whole meal could be constructed out of purely raw ingredients, and I’m not just referring to the usual leafy greens. RawVolution helped me open my mind to this new kind of food preparation. Can you picture a Pad Thai dish made completely out of raw ingredients? Or an uncooked flat bread pizza with green olive tapenade and hummus? I didn’t think it would be possible either, but Cheloy Ignacio, the vegan raw food chef and owner of RawVolution, proved otherwise.

I found out from her that the importance of raw food is that its live enzymes are intact, which allows it to keep its nutritional benefits and keep you healthy. And when these are organically grown, then you will be consuming food that is free from toxins and other harmful chemicals. I didn’t need any more hard sell after that. She had me at ‘organic’—I would try anything that is not only good for my health, but the environment as well.

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