A Weekend in Paris (ClicktheCity.com)

(This article is published in ClicktheCity.com last August 19, 2010)

The romantic and dreamy cityscape of Paris is what makes this European destination on top of most travelers’ wish list. Why not? The capital city of France boasts a lot of attractions that serious travelers should see at least once in their lifetime.

There’s the Eiffel Tower of course, which is the most popular monument of France; the Louvre, a museum that houses the Mona Lisa and was made more famous by the book-turned-movie Da Vinci Code; Moulin Rouge, which is another place that was put in the limelight because of a similar-titled film; and plenty of museums, cathedrals, and other places that truly define Paris as the cultural center of France.

En Route to Paris

The Charles de Gaulle airport is about an hour away from the city proper. My mom and I took the train to get to our hotel since it is the most economical mode of transportation and such a time-saver too. Just a warning though, it can get a bit tough when you go up and down a flight of stairs when you’re lugging around a 20-kilo bag, but we managed anyway. I’m impressed that my mom was able to do so since she has over 30 years on me.

We booked a room at the Holiday Inn in Gare de L’est, which is located just across a main train station. It’s very convenient to stay near a train station because it makes it easy to get around the place. But before we headed out again, we grabbed a couple of city maps from our friendly receptionist and worked out our itinerary for our weekend in Paris. Imagine trying to fit all the main attractions in our weekend schedule… It’s really impossible to do, so you have to choose which ones you really want to visit and prioritize them. I suggest that first-time visitors should check out the major tourist attractions, while the seasoned travelers may go anywhere they please.

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