Investment Tips for Real Women (

(This “Investment Tips” article was published in last May 2009)

You’ve been working hard for quite some time already. Now what? Well, you could save up and put your money in the bank. But that is not the most practical option since the interest rates in banks are so low nowadays. It would be better if you put your money to good use, say, some kind of investment so you can maximize your money’s worth.

A wise choice is to invest in a house and lot like what Tintin Velasquez, 40, AP Manager for Shell Shared Services, did. She believes that investing in a good home is very important when you have your own family. Just look for an ideal location where your family could settle down nicely. Also, real estate is always a good investment since its value almost always goes up in time. Although buying a house and lot is not that simple, you can do it as long as you set aside some of your monthly earnings and then supplement it by applying for a housing loan at the bank.

Another 40-something, Isabel Santos, a bank product manager, also thinks that real estate property is the best investment she ever made. She says purchasing property either for personal use or for investment purposes is more profitable than putting all your money in the bank. You could always get a housing loan from the bank, your office, or even your parents-whoever offers the lowest rate.

If real estate is not your thing, you can opt to use your money in a way that would help you with your craft. Claudette Cuares, 36, sous chef at Sentro 1771, went to study in Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francais (a culinary school in Paris) where she served as an apprentice and then worked for a year. She used to save 10 to 15 percent of her salary before she left for Paris. She also attended short courses and seminars to feed her mind, soul, and even her stomach. She says that as long as you have a passion (cooking, in her case), you’ll do anything to achieve it and you won’t even notice that you’re working hard for it.

It was the same for Cor Sunglao, 28, fashion designer of Coeur Clothing. She really pursued her passion for fashion by taking up a design course, buying the necessary equipment and materials, and creating her own atelier. She worked hard for her dream by working in the corporate world first in order to save up for it. If you have set clear goals and are patient enough, you’ll be able to do it too.

Actually, any kind of education is a good investment. A Masters Degree in Business Administration at Asian Institute of Management is the biggest investment for Donna Tambanillo, 29, a corporate planning manager. The MBA degree was a big help for her to step up the corporate ladder. But even with all the savings she put aside, studying in AIM was pricey, so she had to look for ways to cut costs by availing of scholarships and grants. She asked financial help from her parents, too. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and make sure that you really want something before you put all your money and energy into it.

And if you happen to have cash to spare, you can invest it in something that you could use. For instance, Cris de Luna, 31, a unit head in corporate sales for Bayantel, decided to use the incentives and commissions she earned from her job to buy her own car. Even if she could have used that extra money for other things, she had her eyes set on a car, which she finds beneficial in her line of work and gratifying in the end, too.

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