Spa Day (Mabuhay Magazine)

Need to relax?  Nikka Sarthou recommends these spas that are guaranteed to pamper you from head to toe.


The Blue Water Day Spa is best known for its Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy.  This 45-minute therapy can help you trim down about an inch from the particular body area that needs treatment.  It uses heat from fire and a special massage technique that will make you relax and eliminate excess fat and toxins from your body.

Treatment Cost:  3,000 to 3,500 pesos (US$63-74) per session, depending on the body area.

Ambience:  Feel like you’re at the beach surrounded by cool blue lights, soothing sounds, and furnishings that create a relaxing atmosphere.

What to Expect:  Treatments at Blue Water Day Spa are mid-priced but of high-quality.  Most of its clientele — about 60% male — enjoy the wide-array of treatments specifically for men, among them the cleansing Biodroga Men’s Vitality Treatment and FPL hair removal.  They also offer service-specific gift certificates, and spa party packages for all occasions.

Blue Water Day Spa has six branches all over Metro Manila.  For more information, visit


Ask for the Xiamen-Style Foot Reflexology, a massage technique known for its healing power.  The foot scrub at this spa uses traditionally formulated Chinese herbs, massage creams, and also herbal tea to soothe aching feet and help treat some illnesses.

Treatment Cost:  350 pesos (US$7) for the Xiamen-Style Foot Reflexology or the Xiamen-Style Foot Scrub.

Ambience:  The dim lighting, the background music, and the aroma of peppermint in the air are very calming.  This may not be a high-end spa, but its curtains provide enough privacy.

What to Expect:  Your feet will be pampered for a full hour while you are seated on a recliner enjoying a hot compress on your neck.  Home-service requests are entertained by this spa.

Feet For Us has eight branches all over Metro Manila.  For more information, visit


What could feel more luxurious than getting a diamond peel? Godiva Skin Station has a special machine with diamond-encrusted tips to mechanically scrape off dead skin cells and bring the skin back to its optimum level.  This 30-minute procedure enhances the texture and color of the skin without pain, and with zero downtime, too.

Treatment Cost:  2,200 pesos (US$46) for non-members.

Ambience:  The atmosphere is Zen-like because of the light-green colored walls, bamboo décor, pocket rock gardens and relaxing music.

What to Expect:  Quality skin care need not be expensive.  At Godiva Skin Station, you can be sure of reasonably-priced services compared to other spas.  Among its offerings are free consultation, private rooms, and good service from well-trained personnel, plus complimentary strawberry-flavored tea.  And if you apply for their consumable Club G membership program, you can get a discount of as much as 20 percent on their products and services.

Godiva Skin Station has nine branches all over Metro Manila.  For more information, visit


Aside from regular manicures, California Nails and Day Spa is popular for its acrylic nails, a nail-enhancement procedure wherein acrylic resin is added to the nails to lengthen and strengthen them.  The acrylic nails can last for two to three weeks.

Treatment Cost:  1,100 pesos (US$23) for short nails, 1,230 (US$26) for medium nails, and 1,360 (US$29) for long nails.

Ambience: The pink, green, lilac and periwinkle interiors are fun and flirty.

What to Expect:  The spa’s technicians are well-trained.  Imported quality products are used and the services come with a free hand massage.  While getting your nails done, you can ask for complimentary herbal tea or even have your jewelry cleaned for free.  Gift certificates are available year-round.

California Nails and Day Spa has nine branches all over Metro Manila.  For more information, visit


Since 1996, The Spa has been providing a variety of treatments that stimulate the body and soul.  One of their most popular treatments is the Traditional Hilot, a Filipino massage technique that makes use of virgin coconut oil and heated banana leaves to help ease the body’s tension and restore well-being.

Treatment Cost:  1,200 pesos (US$25) non-members.

Ambience:  This Spa has seven branches with seven different themes ranging from safari to monastery-like, so you’ll have a new experience every time you visit another branch.

What to Expect:  Before any body treatment, you can use the spa’s wet floor area, which include a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, contrast therapy baths and vanity amenities.  If you avail of The Spa’s membership program, you will have unlimited access to these facilities and get discounts and other privileges as well.

The Spa has seven branches all over Metro Manila.  For more information, visit

(Published in Mabuhay Magazine, December 2008)