At this coffee shop, you can have steak for breakfast and breakfast for dinner (GMA News Online)

Fill your belly with this hearty serving of steak, rice and eggs

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last January 23, 2018)

This is not your typical café where you queue up to grab a quick cup of brewed coffee, maybe a cookie, to-go.

26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is, in fact, a full-service restaurant. And it’s not just simple sandwiches, pasta, or pastries on offer here. It revamped its menu in September 2017 to offer “classic and homestyle food with all-day breakfast. Observing who our target market is, we now offer bigger plates for sharing to cater to groups and families,” shared Chef Luisa del Rosario.

New yet familiar flavors

All the famous Coffee Bean beverages are present, don’t get us wrong. What’s particularly unique in this location are the dish offerings that range from savory breakfast fare to main entrées, and more. Around 80 percent listed in its menu are new items and the rest are bistro favorites.
During the day, the place is buzzing with corporate folks having lunch or quick meetings. But when my husband and I went there for dinner one weekend, the vibe was different. There’s more peace and quiet as you enjoy a hearty meal.

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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opens in the new Podium (GMA News Online)

This prime porterhouse weights in at 1 kilo and is good for two (at least)

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last January 18, 2018)

Where do you go when you want to wine and dine a special someone? When there’s a reason to celebrate, what sort of cuisine comes to mind? There’s no better place to commemorate an occasion than a steakhouse.

We usually think of steak when there’s a reason to splurge, and although good steakhouses in the city are few and far between, we are fortunate to have a global brand like Wolfgang’s Steakhouse launch its second branch in Manila.

The establishment first opened in Manhattan back in 2004, and it now has 19 locations around the world where the Newport Mall in the Philippines was the first one in Southeast Asia.

Steak a claim

“We wanted to provide great steak to the world. And my father used to work in a restaurant called Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. He worked there for 40 years,” according to Peter Zwiener, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse President and Managing Partner. “At Peter Luger’s, he learned what makes a great steak. It’s about the product. You had to make sure you get the finest meat possible. In the United States it’s called USDA Prime.”

Having grown up in a household where steak is a regular part of their everyday diet, Zwiener has developed a particular passion for it. He mentioned that aside from getting a good piece of beef, they also focus on the breed of cattle, more specifically Angus and Black Angus. “We want to make sure that we’re in control of where we buy our beef so we focus on certain ranches and certain purveyor.”

At Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, diners are sure to have the best beef as these are shipped chilled — not frozen — and aged in-house. The establishment even built its own proprietary designed aging room where they were able to create an environment of a sustainable temperature.

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Tsuta, world’s first Michelin-starred ramen, opens in BGC (GMA News Online)

Shio Soba

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last December 22, 2017)

Meet Tsuta, the latest ramen brand to arrive in Manila from Tokyo. But it’s not just another one of them ramen brands from Japan making it’s way to our shores — it’s the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen making its way to our shores.

“For it to win a Michelin Star shows how special the chef is and the dish is, but also how the industry has grown and matured,” Brian Chua, Tsuta Global President said at the opening.

Don’t expect the milky kind of tonkotsu ramen here —  that’s Hakata-style. Because Tsuta’s chef is from Tokyo, it’s Tokyo-style ramen we’ll be getting at Tsuta — “more of a clear soup broth. What we serve is the shoyu soba, shio soba, and the miso soba,” Chua continues.

The Founder and Executive Chef of Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, Master Chef Onishi Yuki, actually cooks three separate soup stocks just for one bowl of ramen. It is a pleasant combination of chicken stock, asari (clam) with kelp (seaweed), and fish stock that is all imported from Japan to keep it authentic. The chef then blends all three stocks just before serving it.

But it’s not just about the broth in Tsuta. What also makes Tsuta stand out from the rest is its unique blend of noodles. The chef creates his own blend, one with a medium sort of texture.

According to Chua, “It’s not so hard, like Hakata-style where it doesn’t soak in the flavor of the soup but it still has the al dente bite. It has a very unique blend—between soba and ramen kind of noodles. But it’s not soba, there’s no buckwheat, but it tastes like it.”

Chef Onishi actually flew to the Philippines to help with the brand launch. “He actually trained the chefs and, at the same time, he actually personally selected and chose the local ingredients and actually went through the first batch of cooking himself.” It seems like his meticulous ways have paid off since this is the only ramen shop in the word to be awarded a Michelin star for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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The Noodle Studio will satisfy all your Asian noodle cravings (GMA News Online)

Find rice dishes in The Noodle Studio, too

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last December 5, 2017)

It seems only natural to look for a Thai restaurant when you’re craving for pad thai. Or a Vietnamese joint when you’re jonesing for pho, and so on. But what if you’re craving for pad thai and the missus wants japchae?

Ladies and gents, please meet The Noodle Studio. It’s a new restaurant concept where you can get practically all the Asian noodle specialties under one roof — except ramen, allow us to get that out of the way.

But you won’t likely miss it as there are all kinds of stir-fried noodles, soups, and even rice meals to curb your hunger in Pasig’s mall-based eatery.

40 dishes and counting…

Currently in its soft opening, The Noodle Studio is still in the process of expanding its menu that already features 40 dishes as of writing, some of which are the original and creative concoctions of Co-Owner and Executive Chef Gregorio “Gigo” de Guzman.

“This is my first concept and first restaurant venture that I masterminded,” said the young chef. He started planning for this business venture five years ago, which led to him getting formal culinary training in Enderun Colleges and then interning at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris where he learned more about kitchen life.

But despite his exposure to European cuisine, he focused on elevating Asian noodle dishes. “The entire menu I created based from my favorites — all my favorites from around Asia that are inspired by my travels, inspired by people who introduced me to the dishes, also inspired by my research.”

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9 decadent desserts to indulge in this Christmas season! (GMA News Online)

Kayce’s Confectionery_Brownies with chocolate frosting

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last December 19, 2017)

Christmas is always a good time to indulge and be merry. But while you’re spoiling yourself, why not share the calories with others? Sink your sweet tooth into these decadent desserts. After all, calories don’t count during the holidays!

1. Yema Queso de Bola Cake from Claudine’s Homemade Classics

This home-based kitchen in Parañaque has been baking up a storm since 2015. It became known for its Belgian chocolate chip cookies, but has expanded its offerings since then. From cakes to ensaymada, and even pasta, all are baked fresh to order, which requires one to two days lead time.

A must-try is the Yema Queso de Bola Cake with its two layers of light, fluffy chiffon filled with sweet custard buttercream. It gets another layer of flavor with its rich yema frosting and a generous sprinkling of shredded Marca Piña Dutch Edam Queso de Bola. (P900 plain 8-inch; P1,800 9×12; P2,700 10×12; P3,600 12×16). Pick-up available in Scout Ojeda, Quezon City every Mondays and Thursdays only; deliveries to Makati and BGC can be arranged for a minimal fee.

33 Hamburg St. Merville Park, Parañaque City. +63917 5322300

2. Vegan fudgy brownies from Earth Desserts

Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! You can now eat guilt-free with the all-vegan pastries from Earth Desserts. These are made from plant-based ingredients and are organic and locally sourced. And instead of using the conventional baking ingredients, Earth Desserts use healthier alternatives, making it lower in fat, calories and sugar — and high in fiber.

Apart from the vegan fudgy brownies (P200/box of 6; also comes in gluten-free), Earth Desserts’ vegan peppermint brookies (P180/dozen), vegan dark choco sea salt granola (P165/150g) and choco chia bark (P165/150g) are a must-try.

+63917 8552748. Website. Facebook. Instagram[email protected]

3. Brownies and cupcakes from Kayce’s Confectionery

Kayce’s Confectionery is another home-based baking business that has developed its own special recipes like Brownies with Chocolate Frosting (P150/3 pieces; P300/6 pieces) and Chocolate Cupcakes with Boiled Icing (P180/6 pieces; P330/1 dozen). Owned by a young entrepreneur who personally does all the baking and quality control, she makes sure to use only premium ingredients and adds her personal touch to all her pastry products that are big enough to satisfy a man’s appetite. Usual lead time is two days, but a week is required for bulk orders. Delivery can be arranged, as well as pick-up or meet-up.

+63977 823 5511. Facebook. Pick up points: 2/F 1052 EDSA, Magallanes Village Makati City.  314 San Juanico St. Ayala Alabang Village Muntinlupa City. Meet-up point: Alabang Town Center, Starbucks in Metro Food Court, 11:00am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday

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What to bring to…Christmas potluck parties (GMA News Online)

Photo from Aperitif

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last November 28, 2017)

‘Tis the season for yearly get-togethers, where food is almost always the honored guest. The big question is: “What to bring?”

Make your potluck contribution more special than the usual pancit and barbecue-on-a-stick with the following impressive food finds.

1. Graze platter from Aperitif Catering

The titos and titas of Manila will love you when they see a pretty platter of appetizers that would pair perfectly with wine. This graze platter (P6,000) from Aperitif Catering would be welcome at any gathering and would be the perfect conversation starter. It is jam-packed with five luxury cheeses, four kinds of premium Italian deli meat, nuts, crackers, and fruits. Everyone will enjoy snacking on these chic finger foods throughout the event. The serving is good for 8-15 people. There’s also a sweet graze box (P2,850) filled with wine, chocolates, and donuts for those who want something sugary.

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Tokyo on a budget? Yes, it’s possible! (GMA News Online)

You must see Shinjuku, a large entertainment, business and shopping area

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last November 21, 2017)

Most people think Japan is expensive, but with the various options in transportation and travel-related stuff, it has become less prohibitive to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

I first visited Japan three years ago and I loved the experience so much that I have been going back every year since. Along the way, we’ve learned how to make the most of our travel experience without breaking the bank. Below are 4 tips we picked up.

1. Prepare for the trip. Unlike our neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Japan requires tourists to apply for a visa. But don’t worry, the process is simple — and fast. Google ‘Embassy of Japan in the Philippines’ to see the short list of requirements and the list accredited agencies where you can lodge your application. Not all offer the same rate so make sure to ask around or let your fingers do the walking by calling each one on the list.

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Dipping into the cheese fondue at Korean fried chicken joint Kko Kko (GMA News Online)

Cheese lovers must not miss the Chicken Cheese Fondue!

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last July 6, 2017)

If you’re not familiar with Korean fried chicken, you must be hiding under a rock. Many have become smitten with this crispy and crunchy dish, judging from the number of chicken joints mushrooming around the metro.

You’ll find that most places serve almost the same menu items. But Kko Kko is different. Yes, it has the traditional crispy fried chicken marinated in Korean spices, and the yang nyum variety that is tossed in sauces like classic soy and sweet chili. But what makes this restaurant stand out from the rest is its chicken and cheese fondue.

Kko Kko was established by local TV personality Grace Lee, who was born in Korea. “The idea behind Kko Kko came from my mom,” she said. “She had been in the restaurant industry for about a decade when she came up with the idea of creating a modern Korean restaurant, with Korean fried chicken as [its] specialty.”

And modern-looking it is. With its newly opened branch at Market! Market! (the third one already) showcasing an open space with colorful steel chairs, wood wall panels, and a high ceiling with exposed ductwork and vertical gardens in full view.

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The Night’s Still Young No Matter How Late You Are at This New BGC Hangout (


(This feature was published in last July 3, 2017)

The bright neon sign at the door is hard to miss as you step into Early Night? where a big chunk of Aracama used to be. Instead of an upscale Filipino restaurant and bar, you’ll be transported to a more casual concept that attracts the nearby crowd of office-goers who want to de-stress from the demands of their nine-to-five jobs.

The same management team runs both establishments, but “Early Night? is a place where people can just go to for a drink without the need to dress up or pay for door charge. It’s a place where you can come as you and have one drink and an early night,” says Managing Partner Pamela Solilapsi.

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4 dining spots to sample the goodness of Australian grassfed beef (GMA News Online)

Wildflour's California Burger has become a crowd pleaser

(This feature was published in GMA News Online last July 2, 2017)

Eating “healthy” could mean opting for leaner and healthier cuts of meat. For other’s, it’s going vegan all the way. I consider myself someone in between—a flexitarian.

When I do eat meat, I go straight for the good stuff like Australian grassfed beef, which has less saturated fat than regular beef and a high level of omega-3 fatty acids essential for a healthy heart.

It’s a good thing, then, that Australian beef has become more accessible in the local scene. The Australian Embassy even has an ongoing promotion, running until August 20, with 36 participating restaurants and 60 outlets in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Where’s the beef?

Wildflour Café + Bakery

My personal favorite at Wildflour Café + Bakery would be the California Burger.

Made with 1/3-pound Australian grassfed beef, cheddar, caramelized onions, and tomato, its components seem simple enough but one bite into the juicy patty will transport you to burger heaven. The high-quality ingredients really made all the difference.

Those who like their meat in its purest form can also go for the Steak and Eggs: rib-eye steak slices topped with chimichurri sauce and plated with crispy potatoes. The steak was cooked perfectly—a bit seared on the outside but still pink in the middle. I couldn’t help but sigh as I relished the tender meat and its juices with each bite.

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